Mass Effect - Piercing the Veil

A new dawn

The SSV Anchorage, second of the Normandy class of frigates in the Systems Alliance Navy, is preparing for its maiden voyage. A gleaming monument to mankind’s sheer determination to advance in the galactic community and a testament to the benefits of inter-species co-operation. Named after the battle for Anchorage, which all American school children will be aware of. This was the battle that brought an end to the threat of the Chinese red menace and finally pushed them from Allied soil.

The Anchorage shares many features with her earlier sister ship, most of which are still classified. But what is known is that she has many stealth features and has a disproportionately large mass effect engine for her size, allowing her to travel great distances in relatively short periods of time.

Her crew are a colourful mix of the known species of the galaxy. The Human captain ______, . He/she is accompanied by the Quarian engineer _____.

In the ancient tradition, a bottle of Earth’s finest champagne is launched towards the ship’s nose and floats gracefully across the hanger bay to shatter on her hull, the glittering fragments and solemnity of the ceremony belie her martial nature.


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